to the website of the twinning societies of Llandysul a’r Fro-Plogoneg  



  You will find here information on the twinning (its creation, its achievements etc), on the twin towns and on the Welsh and Breton languages and culture. The photo gallery is f particular interest to find out more about the twin towns and the exchanges.  

Thanks :

A big thank you to everybody who helped with the creation of this website, either with its structure or its content and especially to the ones who gave of their time to talk to me about the Welsh and Breton languages, history, customs and culture. Thanks also to the people who helped to ensure the quadrilinguism of this website by helping with the huge translation task.

 Particular thanks to Jaklin and Yann-Ber from whom I gained many of the information about Breton and Brittany and Wenna and Huw who taught me so much about Wales and introduced me to the people who were able to help me.

Thanks also to Yannig who is working in Ti Ar Vro Kemper and who translated this website in Breton language.

Enjoy your journey through the website!  


The website was created by Katell Pennaneac’h during the ten month period (September 2003-July 2004) she spent in Llandysul as part of the EVS scheme (European Voluntary Service). This was arranges by the Twinning Committees of Llandysul and Plogonnec.


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